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sure you follow us on twitter, and it's all brian brothers on twitter, too. we're going to post more on greta wire. bill o'reilly is next. ck throughout the ght.
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hour. first, glenn beck begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. we live in a crazy world, don't we? i want to talk to you about, i mean real insanity today. there are some things happening in our country that you really need to understand. the first thing is how to understand how the economy works. i want to explain to you there is some economic terror coming our way. the economic terror alert system. i'll get into that in a minute. i want to show you some of the stats on why i'm still concerned about the economy
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and what is coming. you have to watch the show a full hour. the evidence is pretty overwhelming. the number of the troubled banks hit the highest level since 1993. it's now at 829. the fed says they are not going to buy our debt, but now they are. especially if things get much worse and i'm sure it's not going to. the fed has already bought $1.4 trillion of our debt, to stimulate the chi. so you understand, the fed buying our debt from the treasury, they can't buy it directly, so they have to sell it to this cop. and they take money out of this one pocket and they say hey, i'm going to give you this money, cop. and then the treasury, this pocket comes over and says hey, i've got some debt to sell. would you like to buy it? i'll take your money. that's how it works. moving money from one pocket to another, it doesn't work. we have spent a lot of money. if i may have an a pb moment
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here, they're going to argue they didn't spend enough moment the time before. spend a moment on that. do you remember people complained that the cost of the iraq war would bankrupt us and we couldn't afford it? it was destroying our economy? the c.b.o. was the iraq war was $709 billion. the total, the stimulus is $787 billion. that is a low estimate and doesn't include the first stimulus with bush or the ones they're talking about now. they didn't work. but we keep trying to do the same thing over and over again. why? you will understand by the end of this hour. the latest barrage of spending started with george w. bush. i want to make that clear. tarp. it was bush that did it. $700 billion. he abandoned the free market system to save it. but he abandoned it before. first, the $85 billion to aig. then obama, $17 billion to
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g.m. or was that obama? or was that bush, too? i don't even know. they're almost interchangeable now. now maybe this bit of economic news will catch obama's attention since it involves his new company. after all of the bail-out, after all of the money, after everything, g.m. sales have plunged 25%. what has gone up? homelessness in new york is up almost 50% this year. one out of every six americans are now on some form of government assistance. let me put this in perspective. bring up a map. one out of every six americans. that's like saying everybody in the state of virginia is on government assistance or everyone in the state of florida is on government assistance or everyone in texas is on state assistance. that's not true.
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but one out of every six on government assistance is like all three of these states combined. do you have a concept now of how much we're in trouble? plus you have states that are completely upside down. i want to make it clear. not all of the states are upside down. they're not all running. it's just these states that are upside down. there are three there. no, it's three. three that aren't in trouble. so how do i know we're in real trouble? because people with real money -- and i don't mean the rich guy down the street. i mean george soros. they're fleeing to gold now, i love how congressman weiner went on a crusade to save customers from the pasty white guy on tv. that was his life mission, because i was duping people
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into buying gold. george soros is leaving the american market and getting into gold. they bash me for doing radio commercials on my show for gold when gold was $800 an ounce and they said glenn beck is duping everybody. they're going to lose their money. really? it's now over $1200 an ounce. that's today. they are now saying yesterday it could go up to $1,500 by the end of the year. now why would gold be going up? historically, is that a big number? first of all, all the liberal bloggers who put the cheetos down because they're like oh, he's talking about gold. i have to write a blog about that. i said even on the radio program, i don't buy gold as an investment. it's insane. it's insane to buy gold. it buy it as insurance. let me explain why. let me show you what gold is like. do you remember, do you remember the department of homeland security? they had the color chart.
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where are we? over here. they have the color chart. remember the color chart? this is severe. terror attacks. there is a chart i've come up with to explain this. economic terror alert system. the economy has warning, warning colors, it's all color coded. you just know how to read it. if you look at the chart, green, blue, yellow, orange. you kind of get it. the red one on this chart over here would be gold. this one. now i'm losing this as a gold doorway because i want you to understand this is a door frame in to insanity. you get to this point and things are nuts. like california, how nuts does it have to be in california when there is an earthquake, to where you say where is the only place that could possibly save me? because the entire house is coming down.
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they tell you stand in the door frame. now it's better to be outside, it's better to not be in a building, it's better to not live in california, for a lot of reasons, but if worst comes to worst and you have to stand there, stand in the doorway, it's the safest place. economically speaking that has always been gold. it is the, it is the refuge and the safety net from inflation. let me show you how the progression works an you tell me where we are. stocks is where everybody really, has always been. when things are going well. you are in stocks. stocks, bonds, real estate, treasury. then there's gold. then there is insanity. the farther people move from gold, the better it is. the closer it is, the worst it is. the general thinking, when times are good, people are in
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stock. put money in 401(k) and it's stable. stocks are good. as things start to get unstable and dicey and you feel an earthquake is coming, like two years ago stock markets tanked and people lost half of their money, now we are on a roller coast er. where did people go? some people lost everything and some just pulled it out. people went some place safer, like bonds. connecticut state treasury bonds, which are so stable. right. or you invest in a company. what are bonds? bonds are safer because if a state or a company goes broke, the bonds are the first to get their money back. these are people who are big investors. you're going to invest in g.m. and they need $100 million. okay, i'll step in with $1 million and buy a $1 million of g.m. bonds.
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but, the agreement is that i get my money first. i'm the first. if it goes bankrupt, the bondholders get their money. that's contract law. it's always been that way. until barack obama. g.m. and the unions go down, the unions retire healthcare benefit trust got the billions. the bondholders for the first time in history got 5 cents on the dollar if they were lucky. now you have cities like miami and states breaking their employment contracts and the bond programs. so what do you have? you have people saying well, wait a minute, if the contract doesn't mean anything, what do bonds mean? you are out of stocks. you can't trust an american contract anymore. what is the next step? after that, i guess it's real estate. i knew a guy that owned a lot of real estate once said i used to think land would always be worth something. i don't know. i don't know anymore. you know how the real estate market is going with you, right? you try to sell your house?
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even n.p.r. is reporting there may not be much the federal government can do to halt the housing market slide? what does it mean? it mean what is we told you. you can't pour all of this money because you'll never stop the slide. so all of that money is wasted. it's gone. sales are now the weakest in 15 years. the commercial real estate bubble is bursting. i told you, it would happen a year ago. it is coming now. companies are increasingly just walking away from the properties. because they don't have the money. it's actually cheaper than paying the mortgage. so they just walk away. all right. stocks are unstable. contracts you can't believe anymore. real estate is still tanking. so then what? so then what? treasuries. this is, these two, this is not insane. this is. this treasuries, that's the
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place of real safety. how are they doing? well, i mentioned minute ago that the fed is looking to buy its own treasuries. take money from one pocket. print it. put it in this pocket. now why would you do that? nobody is buying the treasuries at a fast enough clip because we're spending too much. this is like investing in a company that sells pet rocks today, not in the '70s but today. nobody is buying pet rocks. so the rock people decide to buy their own pet rocks so they can invest in pet rocks. it's not going to work. how are you feeling about your investment with the pet rock people? yeah. okay. then, treasuries, when things get really dicey like they did in the '70s with jimmy carter, that's when people say you know what? i don't know if the federal government can do it. i'm going here. you are in the door frame because there is an earthquake. this is the traditional point of insanity. and that's where we're going.
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that's -- we're here. because well, gold prices are climbing. it's over $1200 an ounce today. because people don't trust any of these things. that is the problem. now, look, it started with bush, and obama, just keep -- obama is putting his foot on the pedal and doing more. at least $4.4 trillion have added to the ten-year spending baseline in the last 31 months. $4.4 trillion. when bush left office in january 2009, the national debt was $10.6 trillion. here we are, 18, 20 months later. we're $5 trillion in the bush administration raising it up over eight years. the biggest increase under any president and now obama is on pace to smash that record. under obama in the first 20 months the debt is currently $13.4 trillion. and they keep turning a blind eye to all of our problems like social security as if everything is okay. it's not okay.
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it wasn't okay when ronald reagan talked about it the year i was born. 1964. >> we're for a provision, destitution should not follow unemployment by reason of old age. to that end, we have accepted social security as a step toward meeting the problem. but we're against those entrusted with this program when they practice deception regarding its fiscal shortcomings. when they charge that any criticism of the program means that we want to end payment to those people that depend on them for a livelihood. the actuarial head appeared before a congressional committee and admitted that social security as of this moment is $298 billion in the hole. he said there should be no cause for worry, because if they have the power to tax they could take away from the people whatever they needed to bail them out of trouble. they're doing just that. >> glenn: okay. f.d.r., he saw the problems. he saw the first trap of social security before the
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self-financing tax idea. he said, "it's almost dishonest to build up an accumulated deficit for the congress of the united states to meet 1980. we cannot sell the united states short in 1980 any mar than 1985." we have sold the united states short. way short. that's why gold is on the rise. look at the numbers. this is important for you to understand. in 1980, the price of gold was $873 per ounce. today is 1246. it looks like it's the highest ever, but it's not, because of inflation. inflation, this price, ifs in today's dollars would be $2287. so we have a long way to go. if things are this bad, what is suppressing the number? why isn't gold here? two answers. not as bad as i tell you it is, or in the 1980s, they
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came up with another idea. the treasury learned their lesson. you see, they were spending too much and realized that people -- remember, because gold all of a sudden just skyrocketed. when things got ugly, they realized people were running to that door frame and using gold. so they came up with something called treasury inflation protected securities. gold is the hedge against inflation. treasury inflation protected securities. they're called tips. anybody who is buying treasury right now, they are buying tips. but the problem with this is, if i'm buying these bonds, these treasuries, and they are going to pay me on the investment, plus they're going to pay me for any inflation, if by the government spending so much, and buying their own money, and printing money to buy their own debt, it's going to cause inflation. so it causes inflation, and then what happens?
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they have to pay these people back who are in treasuries with more money that they will have to print and borrow which will just accelerate the pace. you see, you can't do that. but the government did this so it would keep you out of control of your own wealth and keep you from panicking. so, let's start here. block the path. this is unstable. this is unstable. this is unstable. this is unstable. but the hedge now is here. to suppress the price of this. so you don't realize. they are protecting themselves. while we toil in the cycle, has anyone looked at the rest of the world? india's economy, while we are going down, they're growing. russia, growing, 4.4%. germany has unemployment rate at 7.6. why is india, russia, germany doing better than we are?
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take a gulp, america. you'll hear something you never thought you'd hear. they're freer than we are. are shaky. bonds are toast. property value are toast. people are buying treasuries and some people like george soros are standing in the door frame. the question is what is past here? the door frame of insanity! you don't want to be standing here. remember, you are in a house that is coming down all around you. this is your protection? but if this doesn't work, what's here? what is on the other side of the door frame? nobody knows. because we've never been here. we've never been here. is it bullets? is it whiskey? is it cigarettes? we don't know. because we're here. and some are in denial and they're standing here. look, these problems are so
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big. and this isn't enough protection. that is why i have said before you get to gold, turn to god. because the only one who can solve all of these things and the only one that can really protect sus firm reliance on divine providence. it's critical that america wakes up. millions are still investing everything back here. while some like soros know what is coming and they're standing in the door frame. and then there are people that are intentionally triggering an economic earthquake. if you don't believe that, oh, you will. you will, my friend. watch the next three segments on this program tonight and you will see someone is intentionally trying
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>> glenn: show me your friends andly show you your future. that's a phrase that scares the heck out of me when i think about our president. because as we have demonstrated on this program and everyone else seems to dismiss, all the people around our president come from the same creepy circle of radical '60 types. the latest, which is the lead story on the new website that i have started, a news and information website. the i'll tell you more about this later. basically, i hired some journalists because there are stories i don't have enough broadcast hours in a day to cover them and somebody has to cover them. check out and make it a couple one of your fs for a couple of weeks. if we're not doing it right, let us know. the lead story is dolores huertes and she works for the saliz department of labor "we
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can help program." the department of labor put together a handy jingle so you know what it's about. here it is. >> ♪ we can help ♪ with what you do >> you work hard and you have the right to be treated fairly. i'm secretary of labor hilda saliz and it's a serious problem when workers in the country are not paid every cent they earn. >> glenn: legally or illegally. good thing a catchy tune was there. glad my hard earned tax dollars and yours went to that. anyway, dolores is working on the great program. she is all over the website. she is a big civil rights activist. she has a great resume. she was the honorary chair of the democratic socialist of america, which i know i want somebody who is honorary chair of the democratic socialist of america working in the labor department. who believes this? ready? the alternative to capitalism
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is democratic socialism. yeah. she also writes for the huffington post. she is a labor leader. legendary. she worked with cesar chavez. she also had the f.b.i. investigate for being communist. good stuff. cesar chavez was investigated by the -- she's right there, by the way. it's great. so, to have her there at the labor -- the department of labor helping them on things is really good. it actually might be better than what she was doing before. what was she doing before? the lady who said the alternative to capitalism is democratic socialism? yeah. indoctrinating our children. here is the story from theblaze. here she is talking to high school students. watch. >> the average -- [ inaudible ] of pay of ceo of fortune 500 company is $3 million to $9
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million a year. what are you going to do with all that money, right? i don't care how much money you make. you can only eat three meals a day, you know. you can only wear one suit of clothes a day. so the idea a lot isn't wrong as long as use it for the people, like what hugo chavez is doing in venezuela. >> glenn: didn't the president say i don't care how much you make, nothing wrong, but how much can you eat? she's praising hugo. which kind of makes this picture a little easier to understand, no? but i digress. we were talking about how wonderful dolores is with the kids. >> doctors, according to venezuela, they're setting up the neighborhoods with factories and jobs for the people and the medical clinics and co-op right there in every single neighborhood in venezuela. we're the richest country in
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the world, right? why can't we do it here in the united states? >> glenn: that is a good question, dolores. why can't we be as good as cuba or venezuela? while the kids ponder that doozie, why not remind them, dolores of your theme for the day. here it is. [ inaudible ] >> republicans hate latinos, okay? republicans hate latinos. >> glenn: what a message of unity and hope. if only we could have been that unifying at 8-28 and not distorting dr. king's message. dolores really has it down. dr. king would be proud of her, i guess. so how did she get to the schools in the first place? because of this guy. congressman from arizona. he brought her in to speak. do we have his picture? there he is. yeah. he brought her in to speak. yeah. raul is close with dolores. so close, in fact, he went to her 80th birthday party recently back on august 13. it was a great party. everyone was there.
2:29 am
hida solis, martin sheen, jodie evans from code pink. she was involved with bill ayers' wife, too, on the flotilla thing. oh, and carlos santana. now, there is one other person that was there. i mean, would any party really be complete without van jones? oh, yeah. and there was a taped tribute from president obama, himself. that's great. socialist. leader of the democratic socialist party. in the labor department. who is formally indoctrinating our kids on the wonders of hugo chavez and cuba, and the president sending her birthday message and van jones and everybody else is there. and telling our kids that republicans hate latinos. but forget all about that. just seeing the catchy department of labor jingle, and everything is going to be okay. c'mon. altogether, kids. >> ♪ you've got rights ♪ we can tell >> glenn: you have rights.
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they can help. ig win for the
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tea party. join me at the top of the party for "special report." now back to glenn. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: okay, just showed you a minute ago, the department of labor and a
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democratic socialist that is now teaching our kids and indoctrinating our kids, birthday party, hers, 80 years old. van jones is there. hilda solis is there, department of labor. obama does a birthday message for her. she says republicans hate hispanics. she is telling our children that hugo chavez is the cat's meow. i'm the crazy one. now let me give you this story. the fed filed another lawsuit against arizona on monday, saying the network of community colleges acted illegally in requiring non-citizens to provide their green cards before they could be hired for jobs. so in other words, it's illegal, i guess, to make sure that people are here legally before hiring them. by the way, the same law says if you hire an illegal, it's illegal. could it be more insane than it already is?
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yes. in another story off the blaze today, san diego, group of employees working to give gps phones with explicit poetry to help aliens with their border coordinates as they cross. these cell phones help immigrants find water stations passing through remote areas of the desert. the really great thing about this, their plan for america, well i don't want to spoil it. i'll let a project researcher and lecturer at the university of california san diego explain the plan for america. >> i think the way to fix the country is to develop it. we could either give the land back from the indigenous people we stole it from or wait for the economic collapse and build community based alternatives and infrastructures to replace the currency. >> glenn: remember, i told you they were building structures and wait for the collapse and they would turn
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the key and the engine would start. remember i told you the stocks and bonds and the real estate and treasury, it makes no sense what the government is doing. cloward and piven. through the doorway of insanity. at least this guy has a few options. you wouldn't want to eliminate our right to choose, huh? i want to play one of his buddies. this is the professor at the university of california, ricardo dominquez, and he shares his thoughts on u.s. sovereignty. here it is. >> the question is to remove the anchor of civil disobedience in the overfetishized notion of a single sovereignty, of a nation, but to look at a larger transtrack, transsociety that is emerging that also should have a kind of global rights. >> glenn: global rights. a transborder migrant tool, which is -- here is the plan. >> this rule consists of
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insignificant cell phone with a chip and custom piece of software that accesses the phone ability to receive gps information without needing to send out data, which may allow the user to be located and without needing phone service. >> glenn: to professor dominquez who heads up the project said the efforts were celebrated. >> when i heard the tenure in part of the project, it was given awards, performed as a legitimate condition of research. >> glenn: okay. when asked how the genius plan for his tool was paid for, dominquez reportedly said less than $10,000 in your taxpayer money in grants had been used. so here we have a professor and a lecturer from the same college advocating the destruction of the united states as we know it, receiving tax dollars to fund a plan to aid illegals sneaking across the border. they believe in the destruction of the united states of america. and they're being awarded
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tenure for those efforts. here is an idea, america. wake the hell up. how about starting making the cuts that we have to make to save our country to the federal budget by not funding people who say the best way to help america is to collapse america? what kind of country, what kind of citizens sit on their butt and fund their own demise. how do they think they'll support illegal aliens and the families from all over the world once the country collapses economically? isn't there something wrong with progressives. we have people luring people across the boarder with a promise of jobs only to have the jobs go away when the united states collapse. or when we give the country back to whoever it is we stole it from. will the new bosses keep all
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the old employees on? or what is going to happen there? will there be any businesses left at that point? if doesn't make you crazy over the border nightmare and these last two stories don't show you what the heck our country is doing with stocks, bonds, real estate, treasuries, and cloward and piven intentionally collapse the system. if that doesn't drive you crazy, let me ask you this. how do you feel about the fantastic professors teaching the children in a major university? did your kid go to college this week? mine did. my kid is going to a college where they have lectures against me. i'm somehow or another still paying for that education. the quality education these men and women offer american youth seem virtually unlimited. it's nothing. it's nothing. we must do the job of teaching our children. our children are being
2:41 am
submerged in the filth of communism. submerged in the filth of lies. there's more if you need it. it's next.
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>> glenn: america, i tell you the stories not to get you angry, i tell you to steal your determination. you must steel yourself. you must know what is true. and then rely on divine providence. give you the rest of the story. the u.s. government files another immigration policy against arizona. another lawsuit. a few employees at the university of california san diego are openly and with the help of your hard earned dollars aiding illegal aliens with gps cell phones. two of the project developers, one is a
2:45 am
lecturer, the other is a professor, are open. they talk openly about wanting the total collapse of the united states. that alone should make you feel comfortable having them in the university system and they're not alone. but there's more. in an effort to help illegal aliens get a sense for -- ready for this -- american hospitality. i don't want to blow it for the professor. here is professor dominquez. i'll let him explain how the phone helps welcome them with american hospitality. >> is it a tool that not only allows the safety, but also creates kind of this deeply poetic centering of hospitality. in a certain sense we think of it as the statue of liberty that one carries along as one walks. >> glenn: so they have the gps cell phone paid for with your tax dollars coming in across the border at night illegally. like the statue of liberty they're holding.
2:46 am
yes, yes, yes. the illegals are drudging 80 miles across the arizona desert in 125-degree heat without water or sun block, carrying the small children on their back. at least they have the welcoming hospitality of the statue of liberty. giving them poetry. listen to this. >> my heart, my head, my [bleep], my [bleep], my tunnel vision, you are crossing into me. >> glenn: that is so beautiful. his family must be proud. who needs water when their souls will be drenched in life refreshing dew of poetry like that. oh, we are in good hands, aren't we? america this is madness, and you know it. common sense says we must turn the money off. on this project and others like it. you can teach whatever you
2:47 am
want, but not with tax dollars. i would also tell you i think these people should be fired. but you can't. tenure, you know. let me ask you, there was a time not long ago in this country we walked you through walls of fire to make sure we weren't funding hamas or hezbollah. i have news for you. there are a lot of universities that are as dangerous with the indoctrination of the children as terrorists are in iran or north korea. with the poll numbers continuing to slide for the new healthcare bill, the healthcare and human services secretary kathleen sebelius just said and i quote, "we need a reeducation process on healthcare." oh! well, how very kim jong il of you. or dare i say it, mao is the in one now, isn't he? reeducation. america, what you have been working hard, while you have been busting your butt, while
2:48 am
you thought we generally agree on things we have been setting up reeducation camps. we c
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>> glenn: i was in my office a couple of hours ago and i saw shep start to talk about james jay lee. he is a guy that -- i don't even know when this started to take off today. he went in the discovery channel in silver spring, maryland, just outside of washington, d.c. he is a crazy man. he took hostages. dead today.
2:52 am
he has a long history of doing these things and he was arrested before and under psychiatric evaluation for a while. he believed in a couple of things. one, he said money means nothing. money is trash. he's a guy who really seemed to be a planet wor championshiper. the planet was his god. he said that he had an awaken ing when he saw vice president al gore's documentary "an inconvenient truth" and he decided he had been doing too little to protect the environment. today, he decided to take matters in his own hands to help mother earth. just last week, al gore gave a speech and he got on to this, he got, i think it was a conference call. he got on and said i want you to know before we start the planet is in trouble and your government, the united states government has utterly let
2:53 am
you down. it would be easy to blame this on al gore. maybe he was influenced by al gore. he was obviously influenced by the movie. but that is way toosy to say. i heard al gore's speech and i thought it was irresponsible to say. i'm aware that there are crazy people in the country. however, we must have honest and frank conversations and we can't all just talk like you are four years old because there is a crazy person in the room. we have to be on alert for the crazy people that are around us, on the left and the right. this guy was a crazy person. nobody does this. timothy mcveigh doesn't do this and be stable. it doesn't happen.
2:54 am
8-28 i think was a miracle. if someone would watch if you are believing in a small government, if someone will just please learn the lessons from 8-28 and the lesson is this: peace, gandhi, martin luther king. jesus. revolutionaries, all of them. they made massive change. they did it through peace. you're going to see more and more of these kind of crazy people pop up. we must stand together, republican, democrat, independent. religious, non-religious. we may dislike each other or hate each other honestly. in the end, we must stand together. if seiu is going to deliver a
2:55 am
beat-dun to you if you are at a tea party, don't swing back. don't you dare swing back. you lock arms. the best thing i saw was there were infiltrators of 8-28 and they were saying awful things. the people did, they just surrounded them with the video cameras. we'll pray for you. that's why you haven't seen it on television. people of 8-28 handled it right way. we'll pray for you. we will. don't just say that. actually mean it. the country is in trouble. my family and i get down on my knees every day and i do two to three times a day. i pray for not only our nation and for you but i pray for president obama and our congress and protection from crazy people on both sides. please do that. please. learn the lessons from the past. we have a chance. back in a minute. @r@úú
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[ chanting ] ♪ ♪ this nation under god shall have a new birth of freedom. the government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish if this earth. >> glenn: people of 8-28, it was an amazing day. i'm going to tell you a quick story in an e-mail that i got today if a guy who was standing at the holocaust museum in washington, d.c. standing behind a father and a son. he heard his father as they were going in lean down to his son and say "son, today you're going to see man at his worst. tomorrow, you will see him at his es

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